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MP Rotator

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      Water treatment & filtration
      Pool & spa
      Waste Water & Drainage
      Transfer Pumps
      Domestic Pressure Systems
      Domestic Drinking & Household Water
      Fire Protection Pumps
      Fire Nozzles
      Fire Hoses
      Pond Accessories
      Pond Liners and Ponds
      Pond Lighting
      Pond Hoses & Fittings
      Solar Ponds
      Pond Filtration
      Pond Pumps
      Water Features
      Ponds & Garden Lighting
      Industrial Hose Fittings
      Industrial & Irrigation Hoses
      Nozzles & Spray Guns
      Garden Hose Reels
      Garden Hose Fittings
      Garden Hoses
      Hose & Fittings
      Drip Irrigation & Dripline
      Submersible Bore Hole
      Irrigation & Industrial
      Micro Sprinklers & Sprays
      Pop-Up Sprinklers
      PVC Stormwater Pipes & Fittings
      Fire Fighters & Engine Driven
      Pump Accessories
      Plastic Impact Sprinklers
      Brass Impact Sprinklers
      Low Pressure Sprinklers
      Sprinkler Accessories
      Brass Fittings
      Galvanised Fittings
      Drainage AG Pipe & Fittings
      Controllers & Timers
      Pipes & Fittings
      Spray & Fertilizer Equipment
      Grey Water Re-Use
      Solar Pumps
      Pool Filters
      Pool Pumps
      Pietro by Clearpond
      Davey Submersible Bore
      Davey Transfer
      Davey Domestic Pressure Systems
      Chem Filters - Root Inhibiting Filters
      Replacement cartridges
      Davey Fire Fighters Engine Drive
      Brass Butterfly
      Aluminium Nozzle
      Preformed Ponds
      Inline Driptube
      Barbed Fittings
      Oase Solar Ponds
      Flanged Hose Tails
      AG Pipe 65mm
      Heavy Duty Metal Hose Reels
      Plastic Hose Fittings
      Green Garden Hose
      Washdown & Irrigation Drag Hose
      Hunter Pop-Ups
      Davey Circulators
      Davey Torrium Controllers
      Rainspray Turf Sprinklers
      Naan Brass
      Senninger Wobblers
      Sprinkler Stands
      Reverse Osmosis Systems
      Poly Threaded Fittings
      Grundfos Irrigation & Industrial
      Solenoid Wire & Cable
      Water Hammer Arrestors
      Knap Sack & Hand Sprayers
      Sprinkler Stands
      Recycled Water Tap Products
      Flex Tube
      Arad water meters
      Grundfos Solar Pumps
      Onga Fire Fighters
      Onga waste water & drainage pumps
      Planter Buckets
      Oase Pond Lights
      Oase Pond Pumps
      Pond Vacuums
      Fountain Technology & Water Entertainment
      Hydrants & Boosters
      Fire Hose Reels
      Brass hose Fittings (inc brass foot valves)
      Underground Modular Systems
      Clearpond Water Walls
      Davey Waste water & Drainage
      Grundfos Transfer
      Grundfos Domestic Pressure Systems
      Screen & Disc Filters
      Ozone Systems
      Onga fire fighters
      Impact Sprinklers
      Nylon Nozzles
      Layflat Hose
      Transformer Cables
      Pond Liners
      Clear Vinyl Tube
      Aquagarden Solar Ponds
      AG Pipe 100mm
      Elbows Female
      Coupling Reducers
      Hose Clamps
      Brass Jumbo Click On 18mm Spray Nozzle
      Heavy Duty Metal Mobile Hose Reels
      Brass Hose Fittings
      Recycled Water Hose
      Safety Yellow Hose
      Sun Kit Solar
      Micro Sprays & Fittings
      MP Rotators (Smart Watermark Approved)
      Non-Return Valves
      Grundfos Circulators
      Davey Fire & Flood Fighters
      Davey Pressure Tanks
      Elgo Plastic
      Butterfly Sprinklers
      Grundfos Submersible Bore
      Battery Operated
      PVC Glue & Primer
      Fertilizer Injectors
      Laundry Water Recycling Systems
      kisss Subsurface Drip Tube
      Biological Filtration
      Aquagarden Pond Lights
      Clearpond Pond Pumps
      Water Treatments
      Domestic Water Softners
      SAFB Fittings
      Billabong by Clearpond
      Grundfos Waste Water & drainage
      Onga Transfer
      Onga Domestic Pressure Systems
      Y Strainers
      Davey Water Filtration Systems
      Precolating Hose
      Camlock Fittings Aluminum
      Pond Liners Accessories
      Filter Sets
      Nuts & Bolts
      AG Pipe joiners/fittings
      Stormwater Pipe
      Camlocks - Aluminum, Brass, Nyglass, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel
      Hozelock Auto Reels
      Soaker Hoses
      Poly Pipe
      Float Valves
      Flexible Tube & Fittings
      Float Switches
      Rainbird Pop-Ups
      Naan Plastic
      Caprari Submersible Bore
      Battery Operated Tap Timers
      Lilac Grey Water Drip Lines
      Air Release Valves & Vaccum breakers
      Aquagarden Pond Misters
      Aquagarden Pond Pumps
      Petrol resistant & food grade hose
      Puretec/Filtaflo Systems
      Yellow Fire Hose
      Poly Hose Fittings
      Oase Lunaqua 10
      Nut & Tails
      UV Filtration
      Davey Pond Pumps
      Joiners Female Thread
      Brass Jumbo Screw On 18mm Spray Nozzle
      Hozelock Compact Cart
      Manual Tap Timer
      Drip Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)
      Grundfos Pressure Tanks
      Articulated Risers
      Nelson Plastic
      PVC Fittings
      Pressure Reducing Valves
      Lilac HDPE Fittings
      Aquagarden Water Features
      Air & Chemical Hose
      UV Filtration Systems
      Ribbed Hoses
      Sheer Descent Spillways
      Garden Taps
      Suction Hose
      Hozelock Fast Cart
      Drip Accessories
      Programmable Controller
      Loss of Prime Switches
      Metric Fittings
      Toro & Irritrol Pop Ups
      Solenoid Valves
      Low Pressure Control Valve
      Winery Hose
      Fountain Nozzles
      Kinco Nuts
      Saddles Abey
      Hozelock Compact Reel
      Rain Sensors
      Pump Cover
      Online & External Drippers
      Metric Lilac Fittings
      Foot Valves
      Washing Machine Hose
      Bore Pump Hose
      Wall Plates
      Hozelock Fast Reels
      Solenoid Manifolds
      Pressure Gauges
      PVC Pipe
      Wireless Valve System
      Waste Water Dispersal Systems
      Oil & Marine Hose
      Pressure Switches
      Suction Hose
      Unions Male Thread
      Rural Fittings
      Quick Coupling Valves
      Kinco Nuts
      Fire Hose
      Rainspray Brass QCV
      Resin Kits
      Drip Filters
      LD Fittings
      Layflat Hose
      Suction Kits
      Ball Valves
      Clear Vinyl Tube
      Backflow Prevention Valves
      Line Flushing Valve
      Ribbed Hoses
      Punch Tools & hole punches
      Tank Pre Filters
      Greywater Diverter Hose
      Big Gun Sprinklers
      Roof Top Sprinklers
      Filter Housings & Kits
      Finia Waterfeature Reservoirs
      Hunter Driptube
      Clearpond Clarity Filters
      Oase AquaOxy
      Antelco Pinch Drip
      Brass Adjustable Pressure Reducers
      Davey Silensor
      Clearpond Heavy Duty Ponds
      Kiss Flat
      Hydroclones & Sand Separators
      Amiad Manual Filters
      Nelson Pressure Reducers
      Oase Home & Garden Fountain Nozzles
      Aquagarden Mako Pumps
      Oase Fountain Nozzles
      Miscellaneous Fountain Nozzles
      Filter Mat
      Clearpond Prefilters
      Aquagarden Prefilters
      CMB Booster System
      CME Variable Speed Bosster System
      PM Rain
      Clearpond Filter Sets
      Oase Filter Sets
      Davey Chlorinators
      Davey Sand Filters
      BioPress Filter Sets
      Onga Pantera Sand Filters
      Davey Eco Salt
      Button Drippers
      Aquagarden Flex Ponds
      Aquagarden Plastic Spills
      Poly Risers
      Clearpond Round & Half Round Plastic Ponds
      Davey Pool Pumps
      Davey Power Master (Eco Series)
      Davey Petrol
      Davey Diesel
      Davey Bare Shaft
      Clearpond OzPond
      Davey Flood Fighters
      Davey Petrol
      Davey Diesel
      Tank Float Valves
      Jobe Valves
      Eden Pond Pumps
      Eternity Pond Pumps
      Aquagarden Barracuda Pumps
      Clearpond Water Treatments
      Oase Vitronic
      Oase Bitron C
      Ecotrol UV Filtration Systems
      Pump Repairs
      First Flush Diverters
      Apricus Underfloor heating
      Dual Check Valve
      Reduced Pressure Zone RPZ Valves
      Double check valves
      Brass Ball Valves
      Poly Ball Valves
      Low Pressure Quick Action Valves
      PVC Ball Valves
      AA Battery
      9V Battery
      Galcon 7001d
      Hunter XC Hybrid
      Hunter SVC
      Galcon 9001D
      Pope Auto Tap Timers
      Junior DC
      Netafim Aqua Pro
      Oase Biological Filtration
      Clearpond Biologial Filtration
      Aquagarden Biological Filtration
      Brass Directors
      Brass Hose Tails
      Brass Nozzles
      Brass Tap Adaptors
      Nuts & Tails
      Tap Adaptors 2 Way
      Tap Adaptors 4 Way
      25mm Aluminium Camlock Fittings
      25mm Aluminium Camlocks
      32mm Aluminium Camlocks
      40mm Aluminium Camlocks
      50mm Aluminium Camlocks
      65mm Aluminium Camlocks
      80mm Aluminium Camlocks
      100mm Aluminium Camlocks
      Low profile cartage tanks
      Team Poly Cartage Tanks
      Netafim Techfilters
      Slip Fix Couplings
      Male Adaptors
      Steriflo Replacement Lamps
      Steriflo UV Water Treatment Systems
      Domestic Circulator Pumps
      Double Case
      Dynapond Pumps
      Davey Fire Fighters
      High Flow - Open Impeller Transfer
      Open Impeller
      Single Channel Sewage
      Submersible De-watering
      XF Series
      XF Special Purpose
      Vortex Submersible Multi-Purpose
      XP Torrium Pressure Systems
      Dynajet Packaged Systems
      HM Series Horizontal Pressure Systems
      HP Torrium Pressure Systems
      HS Multistage Torrium Systems
      Rainbank Pump & Accessories
      Silver Series Pressure Systems
      XJ Jet Pressure Systems
       Air Release Valves
      Air Release Valve Kit
      Line Flushing Valves
      Fittings 16 & 17mm
      Fittings 17mm 6-Way
      Goof - Repair Plugs
      Fittings 17mm Director
       Drip Accessories Kit
      17mm Fittings (brown)
      Pipe Stakes
      "System On" Indicator Flags
      Pot Stakes
      Grommets Flanged
      Grommets Top Hat
      Arkal Disc Filters
      Basic Filter/Regulator
      Netafim Techfilter
      Netafim Drip Tube
      Netafim PC Drippers
      Toro Drip Tube
      Pressure Reducing Valves
      Dosatron Fert Injectors
      Mazzei Fert Injectors
      Venturi Fert Injectors
      3-5 Riser Tube
      4mm Threaded Flexible Tube Fittings
      3-5mm Barbed Adaptor
      3-5mm Tee Threaded
      4mm Barbed Flexible Tube Fittings
      4-7 Riser Tube + Fittings
      3-5 Riser Tube + Fittings
      3-9 Riser Tube + Fittings
      Flexible Tube
      Philmac Float Valves
      Trough Float Valves
      Poly Foot Valves
      Poly Foot Valve Filters
      Gal Foot Valves
      Brass Floating Foot Valves
      CH Series
      CHIE Booster Pumps
      Hydro Multi-E
      Hydro 2000 Solo-E
      JPB Pressure Tank Systems
      KPB Series
      Shallow Well Jet Pumps
      Solo Lifting Station
      SPO Series
      Unilift CC Series
      Unilift KP Series
      Unilift AP12 Series
      Unilift AP35 & AP50 Series
      Unilift AP35B & AP50B Series
      UP & UPS Circulator Pumps
      UPA Home Booster
      UPN Comfort
      CH Pressure Tank Systems
      CH Press Control Systems
      Hydro 2000
      JPB Press Control Systems
      JPR Press Control Systems
      SPO Submersible Pressure Systems
      Pump Genie
      MQ Pressure Systems
      CHV Pressure Tank Systems
      Pro Spray Series
      PS Series
      PGP Ultra
      Inter Sprays
      Solo Knap Sack Sprayers
      Solo Hand Sprayers
      End Plugs
      Joiners Reducing
      BSP Directors
      13mm Low Density Fittings
      Elbows Threaded Male
      Elbows Threaded Female
      Quick Action Valves
      Cobra Hose Clamps
      Poly Nut & Tails (LD)
      Tees Increasing
      Tees Reducing
      Tees Threaded Male
      Tees Threaded Female
      Rachet Clamps
      19mm Low Density Fittings
      Pope 2 Hour Tap Timer
      Hose Tails
      Jet Nozzle
      Tap Adaptors
      Spare Parts
      25mm Metric Fittings
      End Connectors Female
      Tapping Saddles
      Cap Assembly
      40mm Metric Fittings
      End Plugs
      32mm Metric Fittings
      50mm Metric Fittings
      Elbows Female
      End Connector Male
      20mm Metric Fittings
      Tees Female
      PE - Copper End Connectors
      End Connectors FI
      End Connectors MI
      Brass Jets
      Foggers and Misters
      Micro 2 Piece Jets
      Micro 1 Piece Jets
      Vortex Pot Sprays
      XL Jets
      4mm Vari-Flow Valves
      Rotor Sprays
      4mm Saddle
      Punch Tools - 4mm
      Dome Adaptors
      Rigid Risers
      Goof Plugs
      Spray Stake
      Hunter MP Nozzles (Low Flow)
      Naan 233 brass Impact 3/4''
      Naan 254 brass Impact 1"
      Naan 322 brass impact sprinkler 1/2''
      Brass Impact 1/2
      Naan 427PC
      Naan 427PC
      Scapeline 13mm
      Techline AS 13mm Pressure Compensating (1/2" Fittings)
      Brass Non Return & Brass Swing Check
      Poly Non-Return & check valves
      PVC check valves
      JS &JM
      SMH Prescontrol Pressure Systems
      Submersible Waterswitch Systems
      Waterswitch Accessories
      Waterswitch Systems
      Toro NGE Dripper (Pressure Compensating)
      Antelco Octamitters
      Toro Key Clip Dripper
      Toro Turbo-Key Drippers
      Netafim Non-Pressure Compensated Online Drippers
      Bug Stops
      Click On Adaptors To Poly
      Hose Click Joiners
      Hose Joiners
      Hose Tail Adaptors
      Maxiflo 18MM Hose Fittings
      Tap Fittings
      Tap Timers
      Taps & Washers
      Air Release
      Infinity Fountain Pumps
      OASE Aquamax Filter Pumps
      OASE Aquarius Fountain Pumps
      OASE Nautilus Fountain Pumps
      OASE Neptun Statuary Pumps
      Floating Foot Valves
      Lump Ends/Poly Directors/Hose Tails
      Nut & Tails
      Metric Poly Pipe
      Low Density Poly Pipe
      Rural B Poly Pipe
      Manifold Fittings
      Elbows FI
      Barrel Unions
      Elbows M/F
      Nipples Reducing
      PVC Risers
      Tank Outlets
      Pressure Reducing Valve
      Bermad (PRV Adjustable 1", 3/4 & Low Flow 3/4)
      Netafim 3/4 Inline
      Hunter ICC Controller
      Hunter Pro C Controller
      Hunter XC & X-Core Controllers
      Irritrol Kwik Dial
      Irritrol Rain Dial
      Irritrol Total Control
      Toro DDC
      In-House Pump Repairs
      Mobile Pump Repairs
      Dripline Punch Tools
      Sediment Catridges
      Carbon Catridges
      Elbows 90Deg
      Faucet Elbows
      Faucet Take Offs
      Reducing Bushes
      Backing Rings
      Flange Gaskets
      Reducing Couplings
      Valve Sockets
      Tees Reducing
      Unions Barrel
      Faucet Tees
      Elbows 45Deg
      Compression Fittings
      Valve Take Offs
      Faucet Sockets
      Red Hot Glue
      3500 Series
      Poly QCV's
      1800 Nozzles
      Rainbird Rotary Nozzles
      1800 Pop-Ups
      7005 Series
      5000 Series
      200 Series
      300 Series
      Turf Sprinklers Accessories & Tools
      Hunter Miniclik Rain Sensor
      Hunter Wireless Rain Sensor
      Irritrol Rain Sensor
      Toro Rain Sensor
      Solar Sync Sensors
      Lilac Hoses
      Washing Machine Hose
      All Poly Round
      Bushmans Round
      Nylex Round
      Team Poly Round
      Maxiplas Round
      Tapping Saddles
      Elbows Female
      End Plugs
      Tees Female
      Female End Connectors
      Cap Assy.
      Male End Connector
      Arkal Manual filters
      Arkal Spin Klin Auto Filters
      Thin Tank
      Maxiplas Slimline
      Bushmans Slimline
      Large Sprinkler Stands
      Sprinkler Stands
      Small Sprinkler Stands
      Sled Bases
      Green Soaker Hose
      Manifold Fittings
      Netafim Solenoid Valves
      Hunter Solenoid valves
      Wire Joiners
      Female BSP
      Hose Tails
      Male BSP
      Click On Tap Adaptors
      Multiple Outlet Tap Fittings
      Pope 2 Hour Tap Timer
      Press Button 2 Way
      Garden Taps
      Tap Washers
      Transformer Cables
      GW 25 spares
      Travelling Irrigators
      GW 40 spares
      4mm & 13mm Drip Eze
      13mm Enviro Drip Lilac Drip Eze
      HS Series
      300 Series
      SL Series
      Irritrol Nozzles
      Mini 8 Series
      Super 800 Series
      V-1550 Series
      2001 Series
      570Z Popup & Nozzles
      640 Series
      13mm Drip-In with Rootguard
      Steriflo UV Water Treatment Systems
      Steriflo Replacement Lamps
      Valve Boxes
      Standard Valve Boxes
      Lilac Valve Boxes
      H/D Valve Boxes
      OASE Aqua Activ Range
      Water Hammer Shock Arrestors
      Hunter Wireless Valve System
      Brass Y Strainers
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