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Pump Head


Height difference between the pump and the highest point of use

Hs Pressure already available at the pump level (tank example with
positive suction head). If you pump water under the level of the
pump (well, river, underground tank), contact your Dealer in order
to calculate the suction lift and to select the right pump.

Hf Friction loss or pipe resistance to water flow (see chart below for
Poly Pipe friction loss)

Pr Residual pressure, ie the required pressure at the tap, shower or
sprinkler. As a guide, shower head, standard ½" tap or sprinkler
requires approx. 150 kPa (15 m or 21 psi)











What type of pump do you need?


 Household water supply
 Water Transfer

Water Source

 Above Ground Tank
 Underground Tank

Power Supply

 240 V Single Phase
 415 V Three Phase

Water Equipment

 House Only
 House and Garden
Sprinkler type: 
 Evaporative Airconditioner Connected
Sprinkler type: 
 Automatic Operation
 Manual Operation
Drainage and Water Transfer
 Lift from pump (A) to point of discharge (B)

Details of existing pipeline

Size (mm): 
Type (Polyethylene/PVC/Copper/Steel): 
Length (mm): 

How much Flow (Q)?

Water Pressure Systems
 Weekend Cottage - 10 to 20 L/min
 Small Home - 20 to 30 L/min
 Average Home - 30 to 50 L/min
 Large Home - 50 to 90 L/min
Average Water Consumption
Standard Shower Head - 15 L/min: 
Water Saving Shower Head - 6 to 7 L/min: 
Household Standard Tap - 10 to 15 L/min: 
Tap with an Aerator or Flow Restrictor - 4 to 6 L/min: 
Lawn Sprinkler - 10 to 15 L/min: 

Calculate the following using the above images and the formulas provided:

Calculate the flow rate: 
Calculate the pressure using the above image: 
Your email and telephone details: 
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